Our Story

4th Dymension is a software development company based in the island of Montserrat. We specialize in 3-D Modeling and Rendering, and creating Virtual Reality Experiences. We also focus on Website and Application design and development.

Our company started out of the desire to explore Virtual Reality development with the diverse skill sets of our founding members. We started with our flagship project, The Plymouth Recreation Project, which was very well received. We formally created the 4th Dymension company in 2018, where we have expanded our offerings to different types of software development and design. 

Of great importance to us is the ability to enjoy our work while we aim to make the lives of others easier through our solutions. We value creativity and innovation, as we always put our own flavor on anything that we do. We are always looking to meet talented people who want to be a part of something special.

Carlon Braithwaite

Our Team


4th Dymension is lead by a dedicated team that has many years of experience practicing their respective skills. Our diverse team and amazing synergy allows us to build solutions from design to implementation.

Dexter Small

Jerely Browne

Nish Brown

Jhovan Daniel

Education & Training

We also place educating and training others as a priority. We believe that technology can be used to benefit the lives of everyone and that even a little experience and exposure can lead to great things. In our education and training activities we aim to inspire others to learn skills to increase their capabilities and help the next generation of innovators and creators find their craft.